Wait and see: Iraqi woman

Let me introduce you to the faces in the Houston's Refugee Voices profile picture, one by one:

What would it feel like to not be able to see your family? This Iraqi woman has 5 grown children: 2 in Iraq, 2 in Jordan, and 1 in Russia completing his medical studies. Her kids have not yet been approved for resettlement; they are on a waiting list to join their parents.

What would it feel like to not be able to see? This woman has a bad case of glaucoma in one eye, rendering her virtually blind in that eye. To her, life is very dark these days. She desperately misses her children, and alternately cries and laughs when she talks about them.

At least her husband is with her, but he has leg issues, and needs a walker and wheelchair. They rely heavily on Medicaid drivers and volunteers for errands and transportation to medical appointments. They are thankful to be here but, understandably, their hearts ache for their children.