Going Places: Binyam

Let me introduce you to the faces in the Houston's Refugee Voices profile picture, one by one. On the bottom right is Binyam Gebrehewet, and he is featured on the Alliance website:

"Binyam was nominated by Alliance for Multicultural Community Services for his success as an entrepreneur and for his dedication to helping newly-arrived refugees succeed.

Fleeing religious persecution, Binyam left Eritrea and began his long journey to seek asylum in the United States. Shortly after his asylee status was approved, he was resettled to Houston. Once in Houston, Binyam took a $15,000 loan from the Alliance for Multicultural Community Services through the Refugee Micro-Enterprise Program to buy his first tow truck. Because of the success of his enterprise, he was able to repay his loan in full and purchase an eighteen-wheeler. By 2010, Binyam’s company was so successful that he was able to purchase a second truck, rent office space and employ two drivers. Today his company, Bag Transport, has six trucks and 21 employees. Most of his employees are former refugees who have made Houston their home."