Bhutanese global pastor

Let me introduce you to the 4th face in our profile picture:

Meet Bhadra Rai. He was born in Bhutan, but his family was forced into a Nepalese refugee camp due to ethnic discrimination. Fortunately he was able to leave the camp for a few years to go to India for high school and university. Life in the camp was hard but something significant happened there that shaped his future: Bhadra's whole family accepted Christ in the refugee camp upon the miraculous healing of his sister from a life-threatening illness. His father later became a pastor, and Bhadra followed in his footsteps.

In September 2008 Bhadra and his sister were the first Bhutanese refugeees to be resettled in Houston. One year later, Bhadra planted a church, the Canaan Bhutanese Church of Houston, a Nepalese-speaking congregation that belongs to a greater network of about 15 Bhutanese churches in Texas. Bhadra's influence, however, reaches beyond Houston and Texas. He leads an international organization of Bhutanese pastors that will be holding a global conference of Nepalese-speaking Bhutanese pastors in India next month. Pastor Bhadra serves and leads within the Bhutanese Christian community with vision and passion.